About Jaisalmer

The beautiful city lies within the great Thar Desert. The geographical location of the city falls between North Latitude 2601' and East Longitude 6903'.
Basically a desert city, Jaisalmer witnesses extreme climatic conditions. The summers are extremely hot but the winters are equally cold.
The maximum temperature rises above the 42 in summer Centigrade mark and in winter, the temperature comes down to 7 to 6 Centigrade. All throughout the year, the days are very warm but in the evenings the temperature drops quite a few degrees.
Jaisalmer has an excellent transportation system with wonderful rail and road networks. To reach Jaisalmer by air, one has to land at the nearest Jodhpur Airport and resume his journey towards the city by road or train.
The local auto-rickshaws and bicycles are the best way of transportation to move within Jaisalmer City.
The people of Jaisalmer are friendly and have a rich culture of their own. They generally speak Rajasthani or Hindi but some people are also fluent in English and Urdu.

Information About Jaisalmer....
Location: Western Rajasthan, close to Indo-Pak boarder.
Climate of Jaisalmer: Summer- 42 C to 25 C, Winter- 24 C to 7 C
Best time to visit: October to March
Attractions: Jaisalmer fort, Havelis, Gadsisar Lake, Jain temples etc
Language spoken: Rajasthani, Hindi and Urdu
Religions: Hinduism and Islam
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