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Camel Safari

It's impossible to explain the magic of a Camel Safari. Almost everyone who comes to Jaisalmer wants to go on a camel safari, which offers the romantic experience of riding a camel, a visit to desert and if you wish, you can sleep in the open on the sand dunes under stars and moon. We have been organizing camel safaris since 1988 and seek out remote locations. We provide all the fringe amenities such as proper bedding and refreshment. Our staff would take great pleasure in showing you our special part of India in an environmentally friendly way. This makes it possible for even an individual traveller to experience the desert and a camel safari starting right from our hotel rather than having to go elsewhere.
On our Non-Touristic Camel Safaris Tours, you will meet the villagers in their traditional costumes and houses and move through the isolated dunes of the Thar Desert to sleep under the stars. We take you to remote areas and provide all the necessities: real mattresses, warm blankets and delicious desert food which is cooked on an open campfire. On our tours, each person rides their own camel. We provide all food and drinking water and other benefits depending on the package you choose. On these tours you will get a real and meaningful experience of the exotic and powerful nature of the desert, with its rustic charm and serenity.
Camel safari -The duration of safari can be from half day to many days, (really, as long you want). Nowadays most people choose to go for 1 to 4 nights, see villages, sand dunes, temples wild life, and more. We have also designed shorter trips for people who are in Jaisalmer for only a short time which include a jeep trip and some camel riding on the sand dunes.
All safaris include all meals: dinner, breakfast, lunch, water and fruit.
Each person will have his/her own camel.
You will be taken by jeep (about 1 hour’s drive) to meet your camel and the drivers and will return to the hotel by jeep.
You will sleep under the stars - blankets and mattresses are provided.
We offer free, secure luggage facilities in the hotel whilst you are on safari.
On your return from the safari, a room is provided free for 2 hours, so that you can have a shower and relax.
• Our other camel safari tours are:
• Sunset tour (Jeep safari, cultural village tour, camel safari on the sand dunes for sunset.
• Overnight camel safari (sleeping in the desert under the stars in non-touristic sand dunes after events)
and includes dinner and breakfast the following morning.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at Hotel Renuka.
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